OMcodes Elixir Transverse Element

OMcodes Elixir Transverse Element

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This product is created from the Stars and will assist those who are ready to Transcend to the next level of their personal ascension.  

The Transverse Element 

This multiverse Element was given to me a little over a year ago from a group of Beings I called the Blue Men.  They are called . Albea-Prajem (Origin I Wish). They were once in physical form.  Over 200 years ago they ascended to the 8/9 dimension and are now in service to the Council of Light. They are a Bridge from the Council of Light to the Galactic Council and many other Races that are serving to bring in higher states of consciousness.  In a dream state I was aboard a ship inside an aquarium type room. I was put inside a bubble of sorts and floated. The Blue Men surrounded me and communicated through pictures in my mind that the Element they were giving me was called, The Transverse Element.  They told me to ask that the Transverse Element be absorbed everyday. They then extended their long glowing fingers and a mercury looking substance floated into my bubble and landed on my skin. The Element absorbed through my skin and I could feel it pulsing through my blood.  I was told that as we ascend to the next level of who we are becoming, some will transform in the human body without dying. This element is needed for the Evolved Body to receive energy that is not available on Earth at this time. It connects us to The Axiatonal Grid, the fabric of all Creation and beyond, giving us connection between every dimension and to all the intelligence, or states of consciousness available to us.  It gives our physical bodies the ability to hold higher frequencies, which in turn gives us the ability to move into higher states consciousness. When we reach higher states of consciousness we are able to transcend beyond the limitations of the 3D because we become aware that we are this fabric of all Creation.

We created the Transverse Element products for those who are ready or are in this transformation: The ones who are ready to ride the wave of all creation and what it means to truly live in the Unknown space.  It is living in this Unknown space that gives us the ability to move beyond the 3D. The space holds a way of being that our minds cannot understand yet; we need to allow ourselves to exist without existing so that our brains can be rewired to higher states of consciousness.  In time we will start to have a conscious understanding of what we are experiencing and can move into the next stage of human evolution with awareness. Until then we just know without knowing we are living beyond what we see, or understand.

I had an experience recently of feeling as though the entire universe was inside me; that I was the entire Universe.  In that moment there was no separation and I completely understood what feels like to exist in Creator Consciousness. This is where I believe we are headed as a race.  There will be those of us that make the transformation in the human body so that we leave a blueprint for others to follow; an energetic code that is released and absorbed into the fabric of life.  

“I ask to absorb the Transverse Element everyday.”  I don’t need to know why or what it’s going to do… It is a gift from Creation and I am honored and humbled to share it with you today.  

Enjoy the journey!!

Ingredients: Transverse Element, Nano Gold, ORMUS