StarSeed Package B with Judy Anderson

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The Starseed OMcodes DNA Elixir: OMcodes works with the Ascended DNA to allow higher frequencies to evolve the body and States of Beingness.  This connects to the consciousness we use to project our reality from our state of Origin.  


StarSeed Sacred Heart Meditation oil with the Golden Lotus Flower Essence: This Meditation oil holds the Golden Lotus Flower that teaches the cells of the body to regenerate into Divine perfection.  As the cells of the body awaken to this frequency our meditation allows us to connect to the body in ascended form and use this intelligence to create New Earth Realities


1 Starseed OMcodes Video Activation: Activate your Star Origin through the intelligence of the Hydrogen atom (a Star)!  Did you know the hydrogen atom is the first element and we can use this element to transcend beyond limitations of 3D programming.  This OMcodes activation takes you into your star origin and activates the cells to hold the consciousness of Ascension in Physical Form!


1 StarSeed DNA Monoatomic Gold Aura Cleansing Spritz: Feeling your frequency dropping?  This Monoatomic Gold Aura Spritz is created to allow you to reset and move back into higher frequencies by spraying your aura. Coded with the DNA Sequence of Unity and the Frequency of the StarSeed origin you will have a tool at your fingertips to create a space of calm, peace and reset to higher frequency realities. Just the act of spraying your aura in order to choose a higher frequency will start to reprogram your body to choose the High Vibes. 


1 Personalized recording of your Specific Star Origin DNA Code: Jewels will tune into your frequency pattern and read this pattern to your Star of Origin.  From here she will bring your codes into the ascended DNA and activate these codes to awaken or reflect the consciousness held there.  These codes hold a pattern of Ascended Life Purpose that will be read at the end of the activation.  This recording will be sent within 2 weeks of purchase.  








1 hour Live StarSeed Connection with OMcodes Clearings and Activations:  This is an hour of Ascension!  We will do individual and group clearings and OMcodes Activations to enhance, amplify and awaken the codes of your DNA to reflect your purpose in personal and global ascension!