Shungite 24Kt Gold Facial Toning Mist

Shungite 24Kt Gold Facial Toning Mist

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Shungite 24Kt Gold Facial Toning Mist

Start your Skincare routine with this NEW High Frequency Toner that is created to Amplify and Enhance all your products.  With ORMUS and Gold added to a Shungite High Frequency Solution, This is taking Skincare to the NEW Earth!


-Shungite holds the frequency to Dissolve into reflection.  It deletes the illusion of duality, holding the conscious journey to becoming creator consciousness. 

-Antioxidants that are essential for your skin protection from free radicals.

-EMP protection, low frequency interruption and balances disharmony back to a neutral state.

-Reduces pain, improves blood circulation, and speeds up the tissue recovery, metabolism 

-Allows space between cells bringing more nutrients and oxygen to enter.

-Prevents aging and creates healthy cell division. 

-Reduces dark spots by healing cells.

-Creates a stronger cellular wall that plumps the skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

-Protects against Free Radicals

-fullerene-based compound or C60 

Directions: Spritz on Clean face Before applying the Selenite Serum.  Try Spraying before you connect to your inner guidance System to amplify your experience!

Ingredients: ORMUS, Activated Water, OMcodes, Shungnite Powerder, Nano Gold, Cedarwood, Orange, Cinnamon, Rose, Orange Blossom, Sandlewood