DECU Face Reading Session With a Certified Practioner
DECU Face Reading Session With a Certified Practioner

DECU Face Reading Session With a Certified Practioner

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Are you ready to experience DECU Face Reading and Claim Eternal Youth? Book a session with one of the DECU Inner Circle!  With over 35 hours of intense training these Certified Practitioners will blow you away with their unique gifts.  30 Minutes

Meet Anna, Yvonne, and Megan!  These woman are the future of Eternal Beauty!  Let them guide you to your Eternal Reflection of Youth and Vitality!

Once you pay for your session we will send you a link to book the day and time.  The practitioner will be selected for you with a scanning method.  Healing of the Future, NOW!

Eternal Beauty is a choice and it starts right here.  

Are you ready to take a journey that awakens your cells?  Are you ready to Reprogram your body to rejuvenate, regenerate and hold the frequency of Eternal Beauty?  You will awaken to just how limitless you are with DECU!  DEUC is a powerful method that will clear old agreements and belief systems held in your skin cells.  Your skin has a consciousness and it is awakening right now, as you begin learning the power of the mind, body, spirit connection.  

What is a DECU Face reading?

DECU Face Reading stands for Dermal Expression Cellular Upgrade.  The cells of the skin hold toxic memories and DNA that is laying dormant to repeat the degeneration cycle.  We use DECU to read the cells and clear old programs that keep you old giving you the ability to upgrade the consciousness of your skin cells!  That is right. Science is now proving that your skin has a consciousness just like your brain and heart. The Cells are a reflection of your unconscious mind bringing thoughts that no longer serve you and gives you the ability to change your reflection.  DECU Face Reading is a method that reads the cells unconscious agreements, contracts or toxic programs and clears, cancels and deletes them.   This empowers you to reflect the Divinely perfect Being you are meant to be!  This is a journey to start aging in reverse!

Creating skin cells that hold the intelligence of eternal life, is a choice we make over and over.  Eternal life is Choosing to Evolve in Frequency and dimensions, Consciously!