Awakening your Intuition  Package C

Awakening your Intuition Package C

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Package C:

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Receive a combination of Both Packages from above PLUS a 1 hour Live Group Angel Message Channeling Community gathering with OMcodes Transmissions.  Find out what 2021 has in store for the Collective and for You!  The Time is NOW to transform your Life… Find out HOW! 

1 OMcodes Recorded Light Language Awakening Activation: Reprogram your DNA to hold the Codes of your Ascended Soul!  OMcodes are changing peoples Lives. Find out why...


Free for the First 10 Orders of Package C!  Receive a FREE Shungite 24Kt Gold Facial Toning Mist!  This one of a kind Toner is Coded to Awaken the Cells to Eternal Youth.  Shungite is naturally charged to bring Life Force Energy to the Body.  We take this frequency and Code it to Turn off the code of aging and recode the cell to rejuvenation, Vitality and Eternal Life.  $65 Value