Awakening Intuition Package A

Awakening Intuition Package A

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Packages:  Awakening your Intuition for 2021!  The Time is Now!

Package A:  4 Week LIVE Workshop a $385 Value for just $177

4 week Live Intuition Awakening and Enhancement Workshop

Right now, your intuition is your most valuable asset.  It is your internal guidance system that will create the reality of the NEW Earth.. It's the key to opening doors to advanced states of consciousness that lead to creating a reality that works in service to you and to others. Intuition is the gateway to Eternal Youth, Vitality and the transformation to the NEW Human.  It prepares you to Becoming What Is NEXT. Since our Future is created in spherical time, we need to practice staying open to insights, inspiration and higher frequency messages to receive the guidance we need to Live in the NEW Earth.  It is time to cultivate and amplify your intuition.

In this 4 week course you will learn methods to amplify and awaken your intuition, learn which clair is your gifted talent so you can enhance it and amplify this gift in your daily life, and you will learn to listen different ways your guidance comes through so you can trust what is given to you.  By the end of this 4 week course you will have methods to awaken your 3rd Eye, Enhance your inner guidance system and learn to use empathy as a Tool of Information.  

1 OMcodes 3rd Eye Activation by Jewels:  Code your Recorder cell and bring these codes into the 3rd Eye to Awaken, enhance and Amplify your Spiritual Sight so that you can use this to connect to your guides, high self and spiritual family for clear communication.