Gold Lotus StarSeed Package
Gold Lotus StarSeed Package

Gold Lotus StarSeed Package

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1 Golden Lotus Elixir

1 Liquid Crystal ORMUS Serum

1 StarSeed Third Eye Awakening ORMUS Gold 

The Golden Lotus holds a level of the regeneration that supports cellular intelligence.  

It holds the ability to see what we are becoming but also the flower is feeds cells the intelligence of how to exist in a frequency where cells reach Divine Perfection. 

The Golden Lotus is designed support the consciousness of the cells and work on patterns of electricity in the brain so that we can reach states of conscious frequency patterns beyond all limitations.  

Directions:  Place 5-10 drops onto places regeneration and rub into skin.  

Ingredients: ORMUS, Activated water, Nano Gold, Frequency of The Golden Lotus Flower.