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High Frequency Collections

Each Collection is numbered in the order of application. Enjoy choosing the products that work best for your unique skin care routine.  Every product holds over 200 Frequencies, ORMUS and Nano Gold.  Experience High Frequency Skin Care and see what Everyone is Talking about!

Eternal Beauty Bundle

Created with the help of polypeptides and natural ORMUS Elements, this bundle breaks the numerical age barrier we’ve been taught to believe in and helps us recover our youthful appearance to match our young-at-heart spirit.

Advanced Anti-Aging Toning Mist — Helping our cells with the required support can be done with the help of EG’s Advanced Anti-Aging 24kt Serum.

Renewing Face Cream — Eternal Gold Renewing Face Cream reduces wrinkles after just 2 to 3 weeks of use, yet this is only the beginning of the transformation you will see.

Advanced Anti-Aging 24kt Gold Serum:  Helping our cells with the required support can be done with the help of EG’s Advanced Anti-Aging 24kt Serum.

Bundle price: $197


OMCodes and Elixirs

OMcodes uses sequences of numbers to code cellular intelligence to advanced states of being. Numbers are in constant random patterns until a conscious connection is made.  A sequence of frequencies or codes takes a sequence of the form in low vibrational patterns and recreates these patterns within the void or potential being. This reprograms cellular intelligence to hold the frequency of expanded cellular consciousness or perfection.  Through the process of coding specific sequences into the cells and DNA, we have the ability to clear lower vibrational limitations.  We have the ability to Code cells and change physical form. 

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DECU: Dermal Expression Cellular Upgrade.

Learn more about how to upgrade your skin cells with Intentional Cellular Transformation!  

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Start your day and book a session with one of our DECU partitioners

Bring awareness to the unconscious programs your cells are running and how they are being reflected into your life.

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High Frequency Skin Care Collections


All-Natural Skincare + Featured Ingredients

Discover what makes Eternal Gold Beauty different from any other Skin Care Line.  Each ingredient has the purpose to Elevate Cellular Rejuvenation.  


Biotin and Folate


The Golden Lotus Flower

Gold Dust


Nano Gold

Argan Oil


How Eternal Gold Can Help You

Become a part of a High Vibe Community with a Variety of entry points.  From Vibrational Skincare to Cellular Reprogramming, we offer each member of the Soul Family a journey to Eternal Beauty.